VIRTLANTIS is an island in the virtual world of Second Life®. Create a free Second Life account and choose a starter avatar. Remember your user name and password as you will need it later.

Download and install a virtual world viewer. There are many viewers to choose from, but it is probably best to start with the viewer provided by the makers of Second Life. You can download their viewer here and alternative viewers can be found here. After you have installed a viewer, use the same user name and password which you used on the Second Life website to log in.

Use the activity location links to go (teleport) to the desired location in VIRTLANTIS. Our in-world info point is a nice starting point for those who are new to the island.

How do I go to VIRTLANTIS?

If you want to practice speaking, make sure you have a USB headset. After you have logged in and teleported to VIRTLANTIS, request to join the UWA VIRTLANTIS group in-world (in the virtual world).

If you have any questions or need help with anything, simply contact us via our on-site ‘message box’ or ask in our Facebook group.For in-world support, feel free to contact the following avatar: Kip Yellowjacket

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